Jewel Quest iPhone


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If you thought the online Flash game was great, just wait until you see the iOS app! Jewel Quest has been upgraded beyond fans' wildest dreams with all-new levels and a broad storyline to boot.


You're on a mission to collect ancient relics from a time long forgotten. Well, forgotten by most. As an explorer, your job is to solve puzzles by matching three or more tiles to change them into gold, all the while unlocking hidden treasures and avoiding deadly traps.


The graphics are really stunning, we must say. They're crystal clear and have a 3D effect, and the dialog from the game's characters isn't half bad. Easy touchscreen controls make selecting tiles a breeze. It can be tricky to match three or more, especially if you haven't played before, but the game's reviews are quite helpful if you're stuck. You'll enjoy exploring new islands (particularly Skull Island... at least, we think that's what it was called...) and watching your characters develop into fine-tuned archaeologists.


The game is overall well-designed and aptly integrated for Apple devices. The HD graphics give it a heads up over most other match-3 games. The game is also completely free. With over 200 levels involved, that's a pretty good deal. The gameplay quickly becomes addictive as you fight your friends for the high score using the game's leaderboards, but a little friendly competition never hurt anyone. It's all in a day's exploring.