Jewel Quest Android


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Jewel Quest has made its way onto the smudgy screens of avid gamer's Android devices, and it's jam-packed with clever puzzles, exotic locales and just a hint of danger.


Jewel Quest is a matching game where players must move tiles around to match three or more matching ones. It's easier said than done, as many puzzles will have hidden traps and cursed artifacts that can hinder the player.


Jewel Quest's popularity has made it in demand for an app for quite some time. Now that it's available for Android devices, the creators have taken this opportunity to expand it even more. There are now over 200 levels found on 14 different islands, each with their special challenges. Leaderboards have been added for competition's sake, and players can check to see whose score is the highest and try to beat them. The graphics are more detailed than the online Flash game and look more 3-dimensional.


Although an online multiplayer would be nice, it wouldn't really fit in with the game's style. This is a one-player fiesta, and that's all the better. Players can take a leisurely break and solve puzzles with a simple swipe of their finger. The different islands you visit are by far more varied this time around, so you won't easily get bored. A light storyline and the usual characters found in explorer games keep the gameplay alive as you advance from island to island. Jewel Quest has translated quite well to mobile devices and is a great way to spend your downtime.